Easy Way To Remove Password From ANSI PST File

Are you looking for password removal from ANSI PST file? Forget your ANSI PST file password? Then, just go through this post. It will definitely help you to do so.

MS Outlook is really a powerful and effective application that is being used by billion of people to store and manage all the emails and data stored of it. Not only that, it also offers for some extra added features that calenders, journals, contacts, etc. Additionally, it lets the user to save their files with some password so as to keep them from unauthorized access. But, sometimes it may happens that you set a password to your important PST files and unfortunately you get forget or lost it. In such situation, too many wrong attempts can damage you files. So, it’s better to recover your old password.

Remove password from ANSI PST file

Method 1 : “pst19upg.exe” is an inbuilt tool provided by Microsoft in order to upgrade the PST file format to version 19. Also, it can removes the password applied on it. However, this process is somewhat lengthy. Follow the given steps in order to remove your PST file password through “pst19upg.exe” and “Scanpst.exe”.

  1. Close your MS Outlook program.

2. Now run Scanpst.exe in your PC.

You will found Scanpst.exe in Microsoft Outlook 2002 and XP at
C:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemMAPI<locale ID>scanpst.exe

In Outlook 2000, You will found Scanpst.exe in at
C:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemMAPI<locale ID>NTscanpst.exe

In Outlook 97 or 98, You will found Scanpst.exe at
C:Program FilesCommon FilesWindows Messagingscanpst.exe

3. It will help you to find and locate scanpst.exe in the respectibe MS Outlook version, but in case if you don’t get this, then you need to download this tool.

4. Then, run Scanpst.exe and click on Repair. Please, keep backup of all your PST file before performing all these steps.

5. Go to Start ⇒ Select Run (Also, open Run by pressing Win+R key simultaneously).
Type CMD and hit enter. (to open command prompt).

6. Now, copy the path of your PST file followed by pst19upg.exe-outlook.com in the command prompt opened.

7. For instance C:\Program FilesMicrosoft Officepst19upg.exe-outlook.com.
This will simply make a copy of PST file with .psx extension.

8. After completion of above process, rename your original PST file.

9. Further, in command prompt, type “pst19upg.exe- newpsxfile.psx” and then hit enter.

10. Right after that, you will found a new without password Outlook PST file.

11. Then start Scanpst.exe so as to repair the new created file.

12. Launch MS Outlook again and then check for PST file.

This will simply remove password ANSI PST files and also, it’s somewhat difficult and slow process and needs some technical knowledge. So, the best alternative option to do so is Stellar Mail Password Recovery Solution. As, this tool along with with its user friendly interface also has been specially crafted by team of experts that helps you to remove password from PST files easily.

Method 2 : Using Stellar Mail Password Recovery Solution

If above steps get fails to remove Password from PST file on Outlook 2007, then the best alternative option is Stellar Mail Password Recovery Solution. So just go for it.

User Guide – How to Use Software

Step 1 : Launch this software and  click on “Select outlook file” to select a PST file to be recovered from known location.

Step 1

Step 2 : You can see selected file part in the “Select outlook data file (PST). Just click on the “Start” button to begin the scanning process

Step 3 : Progress bar will indicate the scanning process. Here you have option to stop the process by clicking on the stop button.

Step 4 : After completion of scanning process, all recovered files will be listed on the left panel of the interface. Here you can preview recoverable items and data. This software allows you to preview emails messages, contacts etc.

Step 5 : Check mark the boxes in the left pane and click on the “save recovered file” button to start the recovering process. Here you have to specify destination to save the recoverable files.

Step 6 : This software will save your all PST data in the specified location

Step 7 : When the saving process will be completed then you will see a dialog box showing the “Destination part” and the “Recovered file Size”

Download the Software Now
Download Software

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